August 2nd, 2004

Bright Eyes

A road, a bit of scripture, and a dilemma

Well, I finally got decent pictures of the funny thing I wanted to show you, which I mentioned in a previous post about Lomography, as well as my most recent post.

I found this thing before I moved to Tallahassee, one of the times I came up here to visit Tanya. I got terribly lost trying to find her place (I believe I had only been to her house once before at the time), and I was becoming very frustrated. Then I happened to stop at an intersection, and I looked up at the street sign. And I was so amused by what I saw there, that it caused my tension to dissipate. What's more, it happened to be a fairly large road running across the northwest corner of town, and when I consulted my map, I found it an easy landmark to help me find my way back to where I was supposed to be. So, I owe a debt of gratitude to this road.

I had to find a small, quiet intersection to get a good picture. I thought one of the larger signs at an intersection with a traffic light would have been nicer, but getting a good picture of one of those without risking the safety of myself or others proved to be too difficult. I am sorry to say I did attempt to take one picture while actually driving. I wasn't going to "aim", really, as I know that it would have been incredibly stupid to hold a camera in front of my face instead of watching the road. I was just going to sort of hold up the camera at approximately the right angle and shoot as I went by. Well, in doing so, I unfortunately distracted myself to the point of misjudging the angle of the left turn I was making at the same time, and I nearly ran into the curb. I had to stop and put my car in reverse to readjust while the college-age folks in another car that was stopped at the intersection literally pointed and laughed. *sigh* Is it any wonder that I confessed to Tanya a week or so ago that I lack common sense? Naturally, that picture did not turn out very well, and I promise to just say no to Lomo-ing and driving in the future.

Of course, this picture I am about to show you isn’t really Lomography, since it was much too planned. It’s just something that I felt the need to share.

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Also, in light of the recent fandom snafu, I’ve been thinking about some Scripture that I would like to share as well. The first is a passage I have mentioned on this LJ before, but I think it bears repeating.

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And James 1:19-20

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Last, I’m still pondering the upcoming election and various political issues obsessively carefully right now. I am still not sold on either candidate. I think that this article by Nat Hentoff has brought into focus precisely what my dilemma is. I could easily overlook differences with a candidate on H-1B visas or vouchers. What I am getting hung up on are the areas in which I see each candidate failing to adhere to the “consistent ethic of life” of which Hentoff writes. How can I vote for a candidate who is likely to veto laws protecting the lives of the pre-born, and who would appoint federal judges who won’t uphold their Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? But then, how can I vote for a candidate whose cavalier approach to military conflict unnecessarily endangers the lives of many human beings, both pre-born and already-born?


Well, I still have three months to decide…


ETA: The website for Consistent Life, formerly known as The Seamless Garment Network: All of life from conception until natural death is a seamless garment.

An excerpt from their mission statement:
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