August 24th, 2004

Ron (created by harryswheezy)

It's International Ron Appreciation Day!

First of all, I would just like to say, before the clock strikes midnight and I am too late (*ignores the fact that the 24th is already over in the UK anyway*):

Happy birthday, Rupert Grint!!!

Yay! The very attractive redhead turns sixteen today. Incidentally, sixteen is apparently the "age of consent" in the UK, which means I can now lust after Slouchy!ConverseAndBeatUpJeansWearing!DavidCassidyHair!Rupert with less guilt.

In honor of Rupert's birthday and IRAD, I am posting one of my fav pics of Rupert!Ron from the PoA promotional items, as well as a link to my Ron-loving LJ memories. I'm afraid that's all I have the time or energy for ATM. *sigh*

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