August 28th, 2004

Bright Eyes

Ideas for prolife fan community, and my first LJ poll

I've decided to create a community for prolife fandomers. Before I do it, I would like some help on two decisions:

1) Should it be just for HP fans, or should I open it up to include other fandomers?
2) What should I call it? I can't find a name I'm totally satisfied with, but here are a few I've been kicking around:

1. life_fans
2. fans_for_life
3. prolife_fans
4. prolife_geeks (or nerds or dorks or whatever)
5. right_over_easy
6. choose_right
7. prolife_fandom
8. wizardsforlife
9. prolife_wizards

4 and 5 are inspired by Dumbledore's speech in GoF about choosing what is right instead of what is easy, which is something that comes to my mind a lot when reading the discussion about abortion.

8 and 9 would only be used if I decided to make the comm specifically for HP fans.

If you are interested in joining the community, please comment with your input. Keep in mind that LJ names must not be greater than 15 characters long.

Also, I am curious where the people on my flist stand on the matter of abortion. So I've created a poll. *sigh* I really hope people aren't offended by this. I know that abortion discussion can get a bit personal, so I make no demands on anyone to vote on the questions in this poll. How much you want to disclose is entirely up to you.

However, I will request that everyone on my flist please answer the last question on the poll, about whether or not you want to be on my political filter. I'm sure I will be making future posts about abortion, the election, and other political issues. Some of my posts will be public. Others, I will lock. Please let me know whether or not you want to be able to read the locked entries.

[edit]Okay, it looks like I'm going to have to post the poll in a new entry. Sorry 'bout that.[/edit]

Last, I want to make sure to tell all of my pro-choice friends that you have my respect, even if I can't agree with you.

Grace and peace,

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Bright Eyes

Okay, here's the poll. For real this time.

Poll #342387 Position on abortion

In general, I consider myself to be

Undecided or other

Personally, in a crisis pregnancy I would (guys can answer either how they would feel if they were a woman, or how they would feel about their own partner's pregnancy)

Never consider having an abortion
Probably prefer not to have an abortion, but I would still consider it an option
Most likely prefer to have an abortion
Definately prefer to have an abortion
Undecided or other

I believe abortion should be

Always or almost always illegal
Always or almost always legal

Do you want to be on my political filter?


Edit: Um...okay, what the hex? I just spent all that time trying to fix the poll so that it would give "Undecided or other" as a choice for the third question, and's not there! Grr...All right. I am NOT redoing the poll again. If you are "Undecided or other" for question #3, comment and say so. *sigh*

Edit 2: "Never" may be a bit extreme wording for question number two. Even I (and most pro-lifers I know) would abort in a sitution like, say, an ectopic pregnancy. I mean, duh! Even if you believe a fetus is a person with as much right to live as anyone else, it's still better for only one person to die instead of two.