December 7th, 2004

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Poll and a little update

Do any of you remember this post? Well, I’ve decided the best way to deal with my rampaging thoughts is to make a poll asking which of them my LJ friends are interested in reading about. So, that’s what this is.

The first question was a question on my little “How well do you know me?” quiz I posted a few days ago. Not very many of you took my quiz, which is fine, but I was kind of hoping to get a little bit of discussion on this particular question, so I’m re-posting it here.

The next few questions are about subjects I would like to write about. Please vote for no more than two in each category, as I only have so much energy to devote to writing, and I don’t really want to see four- and five-way ties between the different topics. That won’t help me any! Also, you may vote for only one or none in a given category, depending on your interest. If your only reason for reading my LJ is for fandom discussion, feel free to vote only on the question about fandom topics. Or, if you’re one of my non-fandom friends who doesn’t even read Harry Potter, you might want to skip that question and just vote on the others. If you’re only interested in one of the topics in a particular question, then only mark one. That’s fine with me.

The last set of questions is about my old college essays that I mentioned wanting to type up on my LJ back in this post. Since these are already written, and all I would have to do is re-type them and maybe edit them a tiny bit, I don’t mind if you mark more than two on those, but please mark only those you think you would actually read. I’ve given the lengths of each paper to help you decide if you would really invest the time to read them or not.

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*yawn* I had better head to bed soon. This is my last week teaching my ESOL class before the winter break. I’m teaching my last lesson of the semester tomorrow and then giving my students an assessment test on Thursday. I finish up at the Family Practice office on the 16th, and then I head home to Orlando until after New Year’s. I’m planning on helping my mom get report cards and such out while I’m there, and perhaps volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. I’m looking forward to Christmas. It’s always been my favorite holiday.

Before I sign out:

Happy birthday, fellytone_k8!!!

And happy Hanukkah to those who observe it. (Hmm…my spell checker seems to accept four or five different spellings of Hanukkah. Is there one that is preferable to the others?)

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