December 10th, 2004

Bright Eyes

Birthdays and update

:( My ESL class is suxing up my time this weekend. I'm going to relax with a movie tonight, but tomorrow morning I have WORX to do. *sigh* I thought I was going to be done and all into break mode by now, but, for reasons I'm too depressed about to go into right now, I'm not. So let's talk about something else.

First of all, I have some groveling to do. Forgive me, O Evil ORX, for my dreadful negligence:

Happy (belated *cringes*) birthday, angua9!!!

And on a related note:

Happy birthday, persephone_kore!!!

About the updates to

-N/Lu: *weeps* *plans to write angry letter to JKR telling her about all us fans who BELIEVED in the true, deep, BOTANICAL LURRVE of Neville and Luna and how she has OMG! RUINED OUR LIVES11!!!!!1!!* *gets over it* This means, of course, that I will not be compiling canon evidence for N/Lu. So. If anyone wants to change their vote, they may. Incidentally, some of you may wish to vote for the first time. I did say, of course, that I don't mind if people don't choose to vote for any of the topics. However, a few people that I kind of figured would be interested in at least some of those topics didn't vote yet, so I thought some folx may have missed the poll.

-Hermione's age: Angua was right!!! Oh, and who else is dying to see Hermione lord it over the boys when she can apparate all over the place during the winter holiday and they can't? :D

-The FAQ poll: I was tempted. Very tempted. My Ron-loving, R/Hr-believing heart would deeply love for some people to be forced to hear a resounding "Yes!" to that question. But my heart, much as it loves shippy stuff, craves VDC stuff even more. And though I don't think the Neville question is too crucial, I do think it has the best chance of any of the choices of letting perhaps just a tiny sliver of VDC material slip. At the very least, it may rule some theories out. So I went with that one.

-As an avid fan of the Trio friendships, I feel very <3333 about these comments (not to mention that they take certain Trio-damaging ship theories *coughTriangleofDoom*cough* down a notch or two): [Hermione's wand has a core of] dragon heartstring, so Harry, Ron and Hermione unite the three Ollivander wand cores. And this: I have only used the Celtic assignations for Ron and Hermione...I liked having a hidden connection between Harry, Ron and Hermione’s wands that only I knew about (until now, anyway).

-I would be very surprised if we don't have HBP in our hands by August at the latest, and I think our hopes for June may not be disappointed.

-Hmm...anything else? Meh. May edit something in later. My roommate and I are watching PoA tonight, and I can hear that she's already gotten to the Leaky Cauldron scenes without me, so I had better go. She hasn't seen the movie before, so I'm curious to find out what she thinks.

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