December 27th, 2004


Christmas game answers, a riddle, and a birthday greeting

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Congratulations to solusfides, who got all ten right! Runners-up were connielane and piperx with nine each, and dianora with eight.

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This one is still up for grabs, since nobody guessed it. It's a modern song by a female pop singer who leans a bit towards the R & B style. I'll add a few more lines (in bold):

And everyone is singing--
I hear those sleigh bells ringing.
Santa won't you please
Bring me what I really need--
Won't you please bring my baby to me?

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas,
This is all I'm asking for:
I just want to see my baby,
Standing right outside my door.
I just want you for my own,
More than you could ever know.
Make my wish come true!
Baby, [song title].

ETA: Yay! shipaholic got it. The answer is...

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My fellow choral veteran connielane wins this one with nine correct answers. She pretty much left everyone else in the dust. :D

If anyone is in the mood for another brain teaser, here's the riddle I wrote for the Who Am I? thread at FAP. Remember, this can be any person, place, or thing in the HP world:

For my beauty and speed,
I was ravaged by greed.
But I was saved,
And they put in my place
The "Rich Reveal"
Or the "Shiny Steal".

Dude, when I went to copy this from the thread, I saw that the torch is now back in my posession. *panics* I don't have any ideas! Anyone want to help me out?

Last but not least, I still have time to say:

Happy birthday, melissa_tlc!!!

*yawns* I went to Cardio Kickboxing class tonight, and I am EXHAUSTED! Think I'd better go to bed early (for me, anyway) tonight.

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