January 13th, 2005

Brave (created by saysalicia)

Lost riddle

Here's another HP "Who Am I?" riddle that I don't think I've posted before:

I can give back what you give me,
But say the word and I’ll give more.
I once gave words of friendship,
And distraction from odious chores.

If you had only asked me,
I could have shown you the truth;
It would have saved you from your grief,
And saved me from my ruin.

I'm off to teach my ESOL class in a little bit. Last night I had nine students, which is a pretty big turn-out for the class. I feel a bit less nervous about tonight (more students, up to a certain point, are easier to teach in many ways.) You know, it's funny. I know that teaching is a good thing for me, and I would say that I "enjoy" it. But I do tend to always dread my upcoming class. But then, at the end of class, I always feel so good (well, almost always), and it's not because it's over with, but because I feel like I've accomplished something. Does that make any sense?

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Intelligence (created by midgewood58)

Movie quotes meme!

1. Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
2. Pick a few lines of dialogue that mean something to you.
3. As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
4. If possible, after the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.

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