March 10th, 2005

Intelligence (created by midgewood58)

I just can't wait to post this. :)

Since it's the tenth in the UK, and JKR's saying it now, so will I. *fiddles with date settings on entry*

Happy birthday, Remus Lupin!!!

You'll always be the best DADA teacher. <333

Hmmm...I've just realized I don't have any icons of Remus. Must fix this at once.

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An interesting tidbit on the HBP back cover blurb; HBP filter

Mugglenet has posted a small news item about the back cover blurb for HBP. Don't worry, it's not spoilery.

Looking for the synopsis on the back side of the HBP jackets?

US and UK publishers Scholastic and Bloomsbury have informed us that this time, they won't be releasing images of the back of the Half-Blood Prince jackets until July 16th because they reveal important plot details. In 2003, pictures of the back jackets were released, so this is a new strategy for them. Usually the summary on the back is printed to encourage people to read the book without giving away the story.

(Bold mine.)

I find it pretty odd that the publishers consider the back cover to be, well, too spoilery to share beforehand. After all, most readers will look at the back cover before reading the book, anyway. What is there to hide? Like the article said, cover blurbs are usually designed to give hints about the plot, without really giving anything away about the story. So...what's different this time? Why the change of policy?

A couple of ideas:

1. They know they have a captive audience of spoiler hos, and they like jerking our chains.
2. They like maintaining the mystique as long as possible, as with holding back on revealing the title of previous books.
3. Mugglenet is misinformed. Either we will be getting the blurb, but not as soon as we expect, or we will get the blurb, but not the back cover artwork, which is actually the spoilery part. (Although, if it were the latter, why Bloomsbury, too? Do the UK editions have back cover artwork? Even if they do, it surely won't show the same plot details as the US back cover, right?)
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Also, I guess I'd better make an HBP speculation filter. Comment here to let me know whether or not to put you on it. I will mention whatever spoilers I read (I'm somewhere between a no-gal and a go-gal when it comes to spoilers), but will still cut and warn even on the filter. I don't plan to make any more HBP-related posts between now and a few days after the release that aren't on the filter, so spoiler virgins (hee), if you're not on the filter, my journal should be safe for you. Spoiler hos, comment to be added. I won't make any assumptions. If you don't comment, you're not on the filter.

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