March 25th, 2005

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Birthday; C.S. Lewis conference

First of all...

Happy birthday, piperx!!!

Second, I wanted to remind any C.S Lewis fans (or Inklings fans) on my flist of the upcoming conference in Nashville this November. I hope that I will be able to work out a way to attend it.

Anyway, the website has recently been updated with lots of information about the conference, and registration will open in April. Check it out: Past Watchful Dragons

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This much

The Crucifixion

From The Speckled Book, 12th Century ~ Translated by Howard Mumford Jones

At the cry of the first bird
The began to crucify Thee, O Swan!
Never shall lament cease because of that.
It was like the parting of day from night.
Ah, sore was the suffering borne
By the body of Mary's Son,
But sorer still to Him was the grief
Which for His sake
Came upon His Mother.
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