April 1st, 2005


No, no clever April Fool's jokes here.

Update on the musical meme. Most of them have now been guessed:

1. Les Miz ~ "A Little Fall of Rain" (chicagoamy)
3. The Music Man ~ "Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You?" (markbrannan)
4. Jesus Christ Superstar ~ "Everything's All Right" (markbrannan)
6. The Sound of Music ~ "The Sound of Music" (xray2000)
7/8. Sweeney Todd (this one is a tie between two songs) ~ "Joanna" and "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" (springdove)
9. Fiddler on the Roof ~ "Miracle of Miracles" (nessabutterfly)
10. Godspell ~ "By My Side" (markbrannan)

And two are still left:
2. Miss Saigon ~ "Please" (connielane)
5. Rent ~ "One Song Glory" (connielane)