October 18th, 2006


Pining for Randomfandom

Why is it that of all the Furuba forums I normally visit, the only one that both A) has had much activity the last few days, and B) is currently working, is the one with all the whining Yuki/Tohru fangirls? WHY?!? And...why is RF.com not working *again*? :(

Ah well. I need to get some sleep, anyway. Work has been taking up so much of my time and energy lately. I'm tired of being at work until 6:00 and still not getting everything done. And yet...I had two different groups pray for me and my work stress this week (Messengers--aka the praise team at my chruch--and Mark and Vanessa's home Bible study group), and even though I was still crazy busy today--even more than usual, really--I still felt...calm. Peaceful. I didn't mind the fact that my work was piling up all day. I didn't angst about the minutes on the clock ticking on past 5:00. I even found the energy to go to kickboxing at the Y tonight. Really, it was a good day today. Thank you, Lord

*yawns* G'night.