December 24th, 2006


Merry Christmas; Fruits Basket FST: That Precious Little Thing

Merry Christmas, FLIST!

I’m having a lovely time with Mom, Dad, Granny, Mark, Vanessa, little Kaedmon, and Strider (the cat). So far, we’ve watched Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas (best Christmas movie EVAR), done lots of cooking (I made homemade salsa, just for general use during the next few days, and “Cranberry Delight” (cranberry sauce, Jell-o, fruit and nuts) for lunch tomorrow), and cracked out a puzzle of sexy pirate boy Will Turner to work on throughout the evening (we haven’t gotten very far yet.)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening, whether you are observing Christmas Eve or not.

And now, a bit of a Christmas present for my flist, especially the Furuba-loving types (and perhaps the music-sampling types). After all the music discussion this past week with f_ireworks and attaining—and the lovely FSTs they recently posted—I’ve finally made up my mind to post one of my own. I chose not to do a particular character or ship; this is more of a general soundtrack for Fruits Basket. I didn’t set out with a certain theme in mind, but when I had finished selecting the songs, it was obvious that one had emerged.

Fruits Basket FST: That Precious Little Thing

The recurring theme in this mix is hope, which Kyo describes in volume 11 as a “a tiny flower, precious.” The title to this FST, from a lyric in track 12, echoes his words.

If anyone who has graphics skills and a program to use them with would like to make cover art for this, I would be deeply grateful. I’m picturing an image or images of Tohru as a child, like those in chapter 33 and chapter 63 with the title “Fruits Basket” at the top and “That Precious Little Thing” at the bottom, or something along those lines.

I’ve never made compressed files before, so I hope I did everything right. If you run into any problems downloading, please let me know.

Rar file: That Precious Little Thing (includes bonus track)
Zip file: That Precious Little Thing (includes bonus track)

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For my spoiler-purist friends, I’ve provided a spoiler-free version of the commentary. All the songs are included, but for some there are no comments or my comments are truncated. If you are spoiler-free please be careful to scroll down only, and DON'T scroll UP. The spoiler version is right above this.

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I hope you enjoy!