June 23rd, 2008


Furuba fans: New thread for chapter 78

umadoshi has posted the new discussion thread.

Chapter 78: In which we get a first look at Rin's history

Note: This is the first chapter of volume 14. It is mislabeled as chapter 72 in the Tokyopop version (at least, it is in mine).

This is the first chapter where we're showed Rin's perspective on her actions so far in the series and on her relationship with Haru. Combined with our first look at her backstory, it makes for a very sudden shift in how readers perceive her…What were your reactions to this new take on her?

(Follow the fake cut for more discussion!)

We still need a volunteer to post the thread for Chapter 83 (July 28th). It has Manabe and Kimi being their usual nutty selves, and Tohru and co's class finding out their outrageous Cinderella cast assignments. Please comment if you would like to start the discussion for this fun comic relief chapter.




Does anyone have advice on selling on eBay?

Does anyone have advice on selling comic books?

I have a large collection, mostly from the mid- to late nineties, that I must get rid of. Cheap. (I know comics printed after 1981 typically aren't worth much). The thing is, even at pretty cheap prices, most comics of the type I want to sell aren't being bid on *at all* at eBay. What can I do?!?

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