October 1st, 2008

Bright Eyes

Looking for change *I* can believe in.

So last time I posted, I was in the 60% range for McCain and still in love with Sarah Palin. I still like Palin (and *really* don't want to hear any more criticism of her, esp. since she's not the real issue), but I'm having doubts about the ticket. This week all my political quiz results are coming out 50-50 again.

BTW, my hypothesis on the quiz that was going around earlier was that most people would score in the range of 60-70% vs. 30-40%. I haven't gotten around to tallying up the results yet, but really, you guys didn't give me much to go on. It's probably wrong, anyway. I think it was more wishful thinking that I'm not the only person in the country who feels this torn about presidential elections.

So the polls are swinging back to Obama, and lately so is this swing voter in a big swing state. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to lure me to your side. You know you want to. ;)

It might help if you know the things that resonate with me:

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On most other issues I am not sufficiently convinced which approach is right; in some cases, I don't feel I know enough to decide.

Is it possible for me to decide on one candidate with true peace of mind? Help me out, flist!


P.S. Be nice. More flies with honey, remember?
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