October 16th, 2008


Why I am tempted to be a single-issue voter

Because it seems like most of the people who support the pro-choice candidate in any election don't get what the problem is. Mr./Ms. Casual Pro-choicer just seem so ignorant about what the abortion rights movement actually does and tries to do. And it feels like anyone who speaks up and tries to explain is dismissed as just some right-wing nut-job. Tonight I have seen two recent threads on LJ-land that are exemplary of this.

The first was some complaints about McCain's debate explanation of what is wrong with having an exception for the mother's "health" in a late-term abortion ban. Guys, I'm not a right-wing nut. I still haven't decided which "side" I'm on in this election, and as you'll know if you read my last political post, I'm pretty evenly split on the issues. Listen to me: McCain was right. Here's my C&P'd answer to the above complaints:

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So come on, Obama supporters. Answer these complaints if you can. Tell my why his opposition to the IBAIPA and the partial-birth abortion ban, and his promises to appeal the Hyde Amendment and enact FOCA if elected somehow don't add up to him being an extremist, partisan JERK, at least when it comes to this issue. Tell me how I can possibly, POSSIBLY give him my support in light of my feelings on this issue. Because as far as I can see right now it sure looks like an Obama presidency, especially if FOCA is enacted, would deliver a deep wound to the hearts and consciences of roughly 40-50% of all Americans. And the silence, ignorance, and casual dismissals of his supporters only make me feel more inclined to take a stand against his candidacy.

Joie, now with a mail-in ballot waiting and more torn than ever