November 14th, 2008

Mai surprised

Avatar has taken over my dreams, too.

Oddly enough, considering how much I obsess over my favorite stories, I rarely dream about them. But last night I had an Avatar dream. Or at least, it started as an Avatar dream, quickly morphed into a fandom dream--with a sprinkling of work-related stuff thrown in--then ended up as a dream that somewhat fit the pattern of those forgetting to study/oversleeping/showing up naked for the day of the big test dreams. Which is a bit funny, considering that Avatar has an episode that pokes fun at those types of dreams.

So. I dreamed that I was walking around one of those Zeppelin-style war balloons, and pretty much all the main characters in the show were on it. They looked more real than they do onscreen—sort of half real, half animated, almost like CGI.

I wandered around the ship until I found orcapotter and several of her friends, including a guy who looked a lot like Jet. Collapse )

But that must have been some huge war ballon to contain so many rooms of Avatar characters and arguing fandomers, a huge concert hall, and a great big department store with no red blouses.