November 18th, 2008

Aang-Zuko fire bending

15% concentrated power of will

So, in case you haven't caught on yet, I THINK AVATAR IS REALLY COOL!

And, you know, I think some of you who haven't yet experienced it might wish to check it out. It just so happens that you may have a good opportunity to do so if you live in the US and get Nicktoons Network, which is having an Avatar marathon the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving. (Of course, there are other ways to watch it, but this might be an easy way for some.)

And now, a couple of things to help tempt you:

First, peachespig wrote a great plug post for Avatar while it was still in its first run on Nickelodeon. Because I'm lazy, and because what he said was totally right on, I'm linking to it rather than writing one of my own. <3

Second, this talented fanvid artist has made some great Avatar fanvids, many of them movie-trailer style. If you're an Avatar fan already, I highly recommend watching all of them, because they are basically all fantastic (though her style definitely improves in the later ones). If you're not yet a fan and are interested in watching a "teaser" of the show, I recommend this one. (If you’re highly spoiler-phobic (*cough* heavenscribe *cough*), you might steer clear until after you've watched the show JIC, but I don't consider it that spoiler-y). And for lonelychick1917, the two I mentioned to you are here and here.

Disc 3 re-watch post coming soon…

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