July 17th, 2009


Fandom Interest Survey

I'm curious to get a better grasp on what fandoms interest you, flist! So, I present a poll. You've probably seen this type of poll before. ;)

A few notes about how to answer:

Let's say there are three levels of "interest" in a story:
1) Interested enough to read or watch it
2) Interested enough to seek discussion, fanfiction, graphics, etc.
3) Interested enough to actively participate in fandom

For the first two questions, please mark all the fandoms that you have level 2 or 3 interest in, but don't mark them if your interest is only at level 1. Does that make sense?

For the last question, please check the 3 or 4 activities that interest you the most. You may choose activities that you only enjoy passively. For example, you may still choose "fanfiction" even if you only read it and don't write any yourself. (I'm looking for what draws you to fandom, which can as easily be the creations of others as the opportunity to create fanworks yourself.)

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