April 6th, 2012

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The Promise, Korra, and...uh, a random thought on Good Friday

I know I haven't been updating much—but I have been keeping up with my new blog, so if Japanese language and culture interests you, remember to keep checking Hymnia Monogatari for updates.

But I had a couple of other things I wanted to write about, so...here I am. I've been in an Avatar: The Last Airbender mood lately, thanks mainly to the early online release of the opening episodes of The Legend of Korra on Korra Nation. And I've been re-watching the original series with my mom, so that she can watch Korra with me and be all up to date. We're now on the first couple episodes of Season 3. When we get to the place where I left off my long-abandoned re-watch posts, I will go ahead and finish those up. (Finally!) Also, I belatedly got my hands on The Promise: Part 1, which I read a day or two ago.

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The Good Friday media gap

The other thing I wanted to post about—and this may seem like a bit of a non-sequitur after rambling about ATLA, but it is Good Friday, after all—was John 19:38-42. I was reading this passage about Jesus' burial last night, and it occurred to me that most films or other media that deal with the story of Jesus (whether as the main story like in Jesus Christ Superstar, or a side story like in Ben-Hur) don't really deal with this part, AFAIR. They usually focus on Jesus' ministry and/or death, and the burial/waiting period is usually completely skipped, with the resurrection sometimes tacked on like an afterthought. I guess writers must find it all a bit anti-climatic to deal with the burial and resurrecion after the crucifixion, an emotionally intense scene with much more physical action. Anyway, I think somebody should pick up the slack and write a film that focuses on the post-crucifixion story—because there's actually quite a bit of material with all the post-resurrection appearances, not to mention room for embellishment on all the disciples' reactions to Jesus' death.

Hmm...did I just release a Bible fanfic plot bunny? 0_o