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Well. I have been enjoying my visit to New Mexico, at least once I got over the nasty cold that I had when I first arrived. The weather has not been too terribly cold, though it has been miserably dry to this Florida girl. My lips are so chapped that I don’t even need to wear lipstick because they are so red and raw.

We’ve managed to eat real Mexican food a few times now, to our complete rapture. We went to Papa Felipe’s, one of our old favorite restaurants from when we used to live here, and I got a bit of a shock. They brought out chips and salsa, and I doused my first chip in salsa, took a bite, and immediately felt steam coming out of my ears. I grabbed a few dry chips to cut the heat, started choking on them, and looked around for my glass of water, only to find that the waitress hadn’t brought us any water! Now how can you bring out chips and salsa and no water!? It just makes no sense. So I had to suffer, coughing and eyes watering for a few minutes before she brought us water—but I survived. I said to my mom, “I forgot there’s no need to be quite as enthusiastic with the salsa in New Mexico as there is in Florida.”

Christmas was lovely. I got a few more nice gifts, though nothing that compares to the 3D Puzzle of Edoras or the PotC DVD, which I have still not had a chance to watch yet because my grandmother doesn’t have a DVD player.

On Monday we drove down to south NM to visit some of my mom’s relatives. We spent the night in Carlsbad, then drove back up on Tuesday. We got to spend a little time at my great aunt and uncle’s ranch in Artesia on the way back. Little suburban me was duly awed by the plethora of animals, from the more exotic peacocks and llamas, to such classic farm animals as horses, cows, and sheep (including some adorable less-than-a-week-old lambs). One of the best animals I saw, however, doesn’t fit either category: Gizmo, their Chihuahua. Certainly, dogs are classic farm animals—but Chihuahuas? Anyway, Gizmo was very cute and fun, and not too yippy.

And now for some lj fun. Both of these are from connielane.

The 10 good things about me meme

The rules:
First of all, you must list 10 good things about yourself. Yes, ten. If you can't think of ten, you must try harder. And you can't put yourself down. Throw modesty and low esteem to the wind! They can be about anything, as long as it's good about yourself. Sure, you're not perfect, but don't you give your flaws more than their fare share of time? Time to do something nice for yourself! And it's gotta be about you, not someone you know, or something you have.

Okay, got your 10? The second part. If you borrow the meme, you respond, and say something positive about me. Then I go search out your meme in your live journal and respond to your list. The response can be something new or cool that you admire about the person, or something that responds to one of the positive qualities they say about themselves.

1. I am an excellent musician. I can sing both choral and solo music well, have written a variety of styles of music, and can play piano decently.
2. I have an extensive vocabulary and a good command of the English language, a talent which I have lately applied to ship discussion at FAP, but which I have also put to other uses, including a few poems that I think are rather good. Maybe someday I will share them with you. *mischievous grin*
3. I, like Hermione, love logic and puzzles. I am good at both solving riddles and at creating them. And though the Rubik’s Cube still stumps me, I’m usually able to solve spatial puzzles that give other people headaches.
4. I have become a good student. I struggled with grades as a teenager but I shaped up in college. I made straight A’s the last four semesters I was in school, and I received my Music degree cum laude.
5. I have a generally compassionate and non-judgmental attitude towards people. I tend to believe the best about others whenever possible, and I strongly believe in forgiveness and second chances.
6. I am good at teaching, especially one-on-one. I have a knack for breaking down processes into manageable steps, or getting students to look at a concept from a different angle.
7. Does anyone remember My So-Called Life? I like this bit from it: “Sometimes it seems like we’re all living in some kind of prison. And the crime is how much we hate ourselves. It’s good to get dressed up every once in a while, and admit the truth: that people are so strange, and so complex that they’re actually beautiful. Possibly even me.” I take that idea to heart. I believe people really are beautiful.
8. I am a bit of an expert on Bible trivia.
9. I can make really, really good apple pie. I once won an award at my church for having made the best apple pie at a 4th of July party, and I beat out all the grandmas who competed against me!
10. I am good at making myself sound impressive, whether on a resumé or a “10 good things about me” meme. ;)

My LiveJournal Sitcom
As The hymnia Turns (WB, 3:00): hymnia (RuPaul) cheats on a test, and ladyfiredove (Lee Majors) finds out. Also, connielane (Carmen Electra) causes problems at work when a file from seviet (Adam Sandler) has a virus. That night, bluemeanies4 (Cheryl Ladd) bakes 500 cookies for a bake sale, but acemyth (Tracey Ullman) eats them all. Then, angua9 (Bernadette Peters) convinces lilac_bearry (Traci Lords) to buy a cookie. In the next town over, shipaholic (Morgan Fairchild) takes springdove (Soleil Moon Frye)'s dad on a date and ends up necking. Presented in HDTV.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)


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