Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Third veiwing

I went to see PoA for the third time yesterday with my best friend and her boyfriend.

You know what? It's a really good movie. For some reason, this time all my complaints seemed pretty trivial, and I just really enjoyed watching it.

I laughed--hard--at the funny moments. I even laughed at the goofy Ron moments. And I cried when Harry realized who his savior really was and cast the Patronus charm.

It's just a wonderful story, and really the film translation of it is 95% there. I am a happy fan.

Oh, and my best friend and her boyfriend both liked it, too. He hasn't read the books yet, but he said he thought the plot was comprehensible. My best friend had minor quibbles about things like the dementors flying, but she seemed to enjoy it as much as if not more than I did. Her view is colored by multiple readings of the books, but nearly untouched by fandom craziness (her only involvement being a slight bit of metalurking through me).

Anyway, I am now very much looking forward to the DVD, not only so that I can see the cut R/Hr hug, but also because I think multiple viewings of this movie are in order.


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