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JKR Updates FAQ

Heads up, guys! In addition to squelching the rumor, JKR has updated her FAQ with tons of new info. Check it out!

In the "About Me" FAQ:

She says she would be in Gryffindor house, because "I value courage beyond almost anything." This confirms what I have always said about House assignments--they are based more on the traits you most value than on those you most possess.

She lists her favorite characters, which are: Harry, Hermione, RON, Hagrid, Dumbledore, GINNY, Fred, George, and Lupin. I think it's pretty safe to say that her favorite characters are unlikely to turn out to be traitors, death eaters, abusive boyfriends, or sluts. :D Though we may see some CRAX over the order in which the Trio are listed in that question. *sigh* The woman can't make one keystroke/penstroke without it being analyzed to death. Oh, I also like that all four of my favorite characters (the Trio and Lupin) are on her list.

There's also lots of tantalizing hints in the "About the Books" FAQ--stuff about Sirius's mirror, Ginny and Tom Riddle, and the Prophecy. There's not much actual information, but lots of hints that certian elements are important and we should be paying attention to them.

So, no Book Six title, but enough goodies to tide us over. For a few days, anyway. *sigh*


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