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Fandom anniversaries

Just a little over a year ago, on May 31st of 2003, I officially became a member of the online community of Harry Potter fans when I registered for CoS forums. I made my first post there on June 12th, 2003. The post appropriately foreshadows my later fandom life in that, despite being in a thread that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ships, it mentions ships. :\ If you click on that link, you will note that I gave H/Hr a lot more credibility when I was new to the fandom than I do now.

On July 3rd, 2003, I made my first post at the Sugarquill—a truly momentous event. ;)

And, exactly one year ago today, I made my first post at FAP. That same day, I also made my fist substantial post at the Sugarquill.

On July 11th, I made my debut on the Debate Thread. And so my addiction to ship…er…discussion began. On July 13th I got in a little further with a round of Star Wars CRAX. And on July 14th, I officially became an anti-shipper of H/Hr, when I posted on the good ol’ CSHH thread. Yes, that’s right. It did not take me long to become one of the scum of the fandom, those evil, intolerant people who actually have the audacity to suggest that another ship is wrong.

*sigh* So there it is. Looking back, I’m not sure that I’m proud of my year of involvement in this fandom. I love the friends that I’ve made, and I’ve had a lot of fun. And I’m perfectly comfortable with being rather smug about my shipping position.

But I’m not comfortable with the fact that my fandom participation has consisted almost entirely of shipping OBHWF and anti-shipping H/Hr. Now, I don’t intend to stop doing either of those things. I still believe strongly that JKR is heading for an OBHWF ending, and that seeing romance between H/Hr distorts a great platonic friendship, and often distorts other aspects of the books in the process. *coughtheWeasleys’characterizationcough* However, I would like to spend less time on the ship discussion in order to have more time for other HP-related pursuits.

I’ve been very pleased with the response my riddles and Tribond questions have received from many of you, and I think I really ought to put some more energy into that. I started writing a completely ship-free (unless you count John and Celeste Lupin) fanfic some time last year about Remus’s childhood, and I think it would be a good idea to go back and attempt to finish it. I had a lot of fun with lilac_bearry’s filk collection at wahleecon, and I would like to try making some filks of my own at some point. And I want to participate more in discussion about the War, the Prophecy, Harry’s journey as the Hero, how LV will be defeated, how the issue of the oppression of magical creatures will be addressed, etc. I still want to discuss ships, too. After all, as I’ve suggested elsewhere recently, ships are not truly a separate entity from the rest of the books. We do not ship in a vacuum. How we ship affects and is affected by how we view the characters and how we view the role of romantic love in the larger story. All I am saying is that I am tired of focusing on ships at the expense of other aspects of the HP story and other fandom activities.

So, to help myself climb out of the pit of ship-obsession, I am planning to write a series of LJ posts discussing my predictions for the next two books regarding many different aspects of the story. This will include a post on ships, of course, but it will include lots of other things as well. I think this will be a good place to start because 1) I think it will be something that is fairly easy for me to write about, whereas some of the other things I mentioned above (such as the Remus fic) will be more of a challenge for me, and 2) with the recent title revelation, and the promise of more hints from JKR’s website about what’s to come in HBP, predicting what will happen in the upcoming books seems like a timely topic.

The first post I intend to make in this series will be on the meaning of the Prophecy and the treatment of death in Harry’s coming-of-age story. If you are interested in this topic, I suggest you read my “first substantial post at the Sugarquill” linked to above, as the theory proposed in that post is a prototype of the one I will be discussing.

Thank you for bearing with me for this moment of nostalgia and catharsis. :D


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