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Tribond update

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last round of Tribond questions. You all did very well, but sannalim gets top marks for correctly answering seven threezers.

There were three questions that no one answered correctly, so I thought I would post a few hints about those, plus some new threezers. Here they are…

7. Harry...Draco...Aunt Marge

Hint: This is a specific action they all do. Harry does it on at least two different occasions—once in GoF, and once, a bit more noticeably, in OotP. Draco does it all the time, but he does it quite noticeably in OotP. Marge, of course, does it in PoA.

8. Harry/Hermione...Dumbledore/M. Pomfrey...Remus/Tonks
9. Remus/Hermione...Remus/Ginny...Ron/Draco

Hint: For these two, a very brief visit to SCUSA should provide all the info that you need. In-depth familiarity with these ships is certainly not required.

New questions:

1. Snape…Malfoy…Karkaroff
2. Voldemort…Harry…Mark Evans
3. JK Rowling…JRR Tolkien…Stephen King (no, it’s not that they’re all authors)

Meh. I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of these. They are not the cleverest threezers I’ve ever written. *shrugs* But they’ll do for now.

Must go work on Prophecy theory now…

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