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A survey meme gacked from chicagoamy

The \\
Last Cigarette:Never
Last Alcoholic Drink:Kahlua and cream, a few days ago
Last Car Ride:This morning, to the Wesley Foundation's chapel
Last Kiss:In high school, G-man
Last Good Cry:A few nights ago, lying in bed, feeling lonely, trying to pray...I don't think I would call it "good."
Last Library Book:Probably not since I was a student at Stetson, in which case it would have been Monteverdi's "Scherzi Musicali"
Last book bought:John Irving ~ A Widow for One Year
Last Book Read:Almost finished with God in the Dock by C.S. Lewis
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Spider-Man II
Last Movie Rented:Good Morning, Vietnam
Last Cuss Word Uttered:I was explaining to my best friend how I think I lack common sense, but I amended, "I'm not a total dumbass." That was yesterday.
Last Beverage Drank:Gatorade
Last Food Consumed:Pinto beans
Last Crush:Amazonman from
Last Phone Call:Tanya, today
Last TV Show Watched:Re-run of the X-Files' season finale, earlier this evening. I had forgotton how theism-affirming the end was.
Last Time Showered:This morning
Last Shoes Worn:Tan sandals
Last CD Played:Burlap to Cashmere
Last Item Bought:New return address labels for my Tallahassee address
Last Download:The PotC video Alphabet mentioned on her LJ
Last Annoyance:A malfunctioning stove, this evening, while I was trying to cook pinto beans
Last Disappointment:Realizing they had cancelled church services at the WF chapel today after I had already driven there
Last Soda Drank:Black Cherry IBC
Last Thing Written:LJ post for a community
Last Key Used:Mailbox key
Last Words Spoken:"Okay," to my other roommate, Joelle.
Last Sleep:An early evening nap today
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Vanilla, with some German Chocolate cake
Last Chair Sat In:My cushy computer chair, right now
Last Webpage Visited:An LJ comm

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