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Two things I just had to pass on...

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty distressed.

Today on my LJ friends list, I found some treasures that made me feel substantially better. I thought I should pass them on.

Yesterday, the Ron-hate in this fandom was driving me nuts.

Today, wahlee_98 has restored my sanity. Let them say what they will. Let them have their hate. It won't stop me from enjoying the books--and fandom--along with those who will discuss the characters with discernment and fairness.

Yesterday, politics and election issues had me beating my head against a wall.

Today, markbrannan has reminded me to relax and have a laugh. Even though serious issues and decisions remain, I can face them, like the Wife of Noble Character, with optimism and laughter.

God bless you.


ETA: lilac_bearry has posted some of Michelle Ravel's brilliant haikus about Ron, but I would like to post my personal favorite here:

Some people dislike
Anything to do with Ron
Harry would hate them

*nods* Exactly.

I've noticed that some journal styles (mine included) don't make links very obvious, but since I think these things are definately must-see/read, I will point them out, at the risk of sounding a bit patronizing: the links are on the words "restored my sanity" and "relax and have a laugh." Chex them out. Really. You'll be glad you did. :)

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