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Quick update, because I really must go to bed now and quit messing around on LJ...

First of all...

Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom!!!

You are a true hero, Neville! May you find many wonderful exotic plants, and have many more happy years with lots of good love from Lovegood. :D

(For those of you who hadn't noticed yet, JKR announced her own birthday wishes for Neville on her website. Which gives me hope for discovering the exact birthdays of other characters *coughGinnycough* in this manner...)

Second, perhaps some of you recall that I mentioned in my first post about Lomography how there is something around town that I simply had to get a picture of to share with you. Well, I went and took pics of it tonight. *sigh* Unfortunately, I've been having a little problem with the batteries on my digital cam running down rather quickly, so I thought it would be smart to take them out when I'm not using it. OOPS! I discovered tonight when I went to upload the pics that the camera doesn't save data if it doesn't have batteries. Don't I feel like a ditz. And I will have to go back and take pics of it again, because I am determined to show you guys this. But now I'm scared, because just as I was getting done taking the pics tonight, some lady came out of her house nearby, and started yelling, "Hey! Hey! What you taking pictures of that for?" And I had to get in my car and drive off toot sweet! (Not that I was doing anything wrong, mind you, since it's totally public property, but I am easily intimidated.) Ah well, I will just have to gather up my courage and go back--tomorrow, if I get a chance.

I'm getting my drug test in order to work at the doc's office tomorrow morning. That is why I have to go to bed now. Good night!


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