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*taking deep breaths*

Okay. My family is probably fine. I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, and they knew a big storm was coming, and they were preparing for it. Of course, at that time, they didn't know it was going to be a category 4 by the time it hit land, or that it would take a sharper eastward turn than expected and come directly at Orlando; we've had enough false alarms in the past, so they were kind of shrugging it off, but still making preparations just in case. But I know they would have paid attention to the reports from earlier this afternoon telling about the change in course and power of the storm, and then they would have taken the hurricane warnings more seriously, and they would have done whatever they needed to do to stay safe. They probably holed up in my parents' walk-in closet (unfortunately, that's the only window-less room in the house) with some blankets and flashlights and maybe a wireless radio (I think my dad has one o' those), and just had a little adventure. *sigh* Anyway, it's no good worrying about it. I'll just say a prayer and trust God to protect them.

And I must admit, Charley is kind of...beautiful, in a way:


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