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A bit more info from JKR?

For those of you who don't check Mugglenet regularly, there's a report up from a fan who was at the festival in Edinburgh, and she claims to have squeezed a little more info out of JKR at the book signing. Since she's not really claiming anything spectacular (nothing VdC-ish, and it's only distantly related to the ship debate), I suspect her report of what JKR said is probably genuine, so I'm putting it up for discussion.

I was one of the lucky 500 people who saw J.K. Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Sunday. In fact, I was the one who asked if the barman at the Hog's Head was Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth.

I also took the opportunity to ask JK a few questions when she signed my book. Firstly, I asked if there was a reason why Ginny Weasley is always associated with cats (she is described by Percy in COS as being a cat lover, is often described as being curled up like a cat and once made a noise 'like an angry cat') but JK answered 'No, there's not, although you are obviously a very careful reader'. This to me sounded slightly hesitant as though there is something more to Ginny than we realise yet. She might of answered me further if I had not immediately asked her what would happen to Kreacher and 12 Grimmauld Place now that Sirius has gone. Although she dodged this question well she did say that we will find that out very early on, right at the start of the next book.

From what JK also said during the questions on Sunday about Hermione's parents remaining as background characters in the stories, it would seem that many people's speculations that Harry spends his summer holiday in the next book at Hermione's house are wrong. It's still possible that Harry will go back to 12 Grimmauld Place because when I then asked if it was still the headquarters of the Order she just said 'You'll find that out too!'. At this point I had to leave and let everyone else in the queue get their book signed. So, not a lot of concrete evidence there I suppose but I wanted to let someone know what I found out in case anyone has any further ideas.

So, if this is true, then we can rule out CatAnimagus!Ginny. And I'm pleased to hear that JKR will address the issue of what happens to 12GP and Kreacher in the next book, and won't pull a Marauder's Map on that one.


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