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Very, very quick update

My internet connection is not working. It went kaput at about five to eleven last night, when I was in the middle of Y!Ming with some of you. *sigh* My apologies for having disappeared without saying good night. When I got home from work tonight, I still did not have a connection. I did everything I know to troubleshoot. I spent about an hour on the phone with my DSL provider’s tech support. They concluded that nothing was wrong with my cable modem, and that the problem must be with the computer system. I spent several more minutes talking to my dad, trying to get his help in fixing the problem. He’s stumped. I still have no internet at home. I don’t know when I’ll have internet at home. *slumps over keyboard* So, if you don’t see me around for a while, you’ll know why. Right now, I’m borrowing internet access at Tanya’s boyfriend’s house. I only have a few minutes, so I haven’t looked, and won’t be able to look at my flist. I’m just taking a quick moment to let you know what’s become of me.

-I’m very tired. Work is hard, but good. I’m settling into the job now.
-I’m visiting friends in Georgia this weekend. I’ll see lots of old Stetson buddies, so I’m looking forward to that.
-I hope I get my internet back soon. Preferably before it gets to the point where I will have to read my flist at skip=a b’jillion. And...I miss you guys. :(

Good night and God bless.


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