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Yes, I am back online...

...and caught up on my flist.

It's a rainy Sunday. I start another week of work tomorrow. I have to make this entry quick, because I need to clean my room and take care of a few other things tonight.

So I will just say...

Happy birthday, connielane and Percy Weasley!!!

I am so jealous of all the lucky people who get to share their birthdays with Weasleys. ;) Well, at least mine is very close to Ron's, and I get to share a birth year with the Trio and Neville.

And also a belated...

Happy birthday, antbee!!!

Hope it was a good one. :)

*sigh* I'm grateful to have a job now, and it's a pretty good job all things considered. But...I don't like coming home every day soooo tired that I can't do much besides have some dinner, read my flist, and go to bed. Everything else, including updating my own LJ in any kind of meaningful way, or making any kind of substantial comments on other LJs, just takes too much out of me. How sad is that? Well, maybe I still need time to adjust to the schedule. Maybe I won't feel so exhausted after work a few weeks from now. I hope so.


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