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Why did no one tell me...

...that Jonathan Brandis joined the 27 Club last November? I found out on Fandom Wank, of all places.

Part of me thinks it's silly to grieve; it's not like I knew him personally. But what can I do? I feel sorrow and anger and hurt just the same. It saddens me most that his death only made a tiny blip on the entertainment industry's radar. "Oh, another former teen hearthrob has-been has thrown his life away. *yawn*" But he was a person with hopes and dreams and a heart and...

And he was beautiful, and maybe some people thought he was just a pretty face, but his was a face I hung on my walls and kept in my heart when I was a teenager. And even as I grew older and more discerning, I thought he was a talented actor, and some of his performances truly moved me. I thought he had what it took to continue his success into adulthood. His career was in a bit of a lull last year, but he still had some good prospects. He still had potential, and I hate that now this light has been put out, and this potential is gone.


I feel a snippet of Natalie Merchant's eulogy for River Phoenix is appropriate:

Lay to rest your soul and body,
Lay beside your name.
Lay to rest your rage, your hunger,
And amazing grace.

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