Joie (hymnia) wrote,

*gasp* I am actually going to take the time to do a meme!

A book you own no one on your Friends List has:
When the Spirit Comes with Power: Signs and Wonders Among God's People by John White

A CD you own that no one on your friend's list owns:
"Maybe an Angel" by Heather Nova, imported single

A DVD/VHS tape you own that no one on your friend's list owns:
Possibly And the Band Played On or Lady Jane

A place that you've been that no one on your friend's list has been to:
Helen, Georgia, maybe? This is hard, because my brother and mom are both on my flist, and almost everywhere I've been, I've had at least one of them with me. And any trips I've taken apart from my family have either been with Stetson friends like springdove, or to big cities that lots of people on my flist are sure to have been to. But I wasn't with anyone from my flist in Helen, GA, so maybe none of you have been there. ;)

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