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I Voted... Did You?

Yeah. I did it. I put it off until practically the last minute, but I did it. It was hot and crowded at my polling place, a miniscule room in a local Methodist church building that was insanely designated to serve two Tallahassee precincts. This was the first time, of my five voting experiences so far (1998 congressional, 2000 presidential, 2002 congressional, 2004 primary, and today's election), where I really had any sort of substantial wait at all. It took me about 20 minutes to get a booth. Not too bad, I guess, but like I said, I'd never had to wait before, and my level of stress was just about through the roof. Just as I was finishing, and checking over my ballot to make sure there were no mistakes (it was scantron-style, so chads were not an issue, but I always double check anyway), I suddenly got very light-headed and was very scared I was going to pass out right there in the middle of that whole circus. Luckily, I recovered myself, managed to turn in my ballot, get my nifty sticker, and head home.

I abstained on three local races and several judicial retentions that I couldn't find enough info on to make an informed decision. I also abstained on the state congress seat for my district, which had a candidate I didn't much care for on the ballot, versus one eligible write-in candidate that I knew nothing about besides her name.

I voted on everything else. Including the presidential race. Yes, I made up my mind, so help me God. *sigh*

The advantage of having been undecided for so long, and having such mixed feelings about both candidates, is that I am not as fussed as my more decisive friends about the outcome. So :P! Still, I'm anxious to have it all over with. I hope it doesn't take us a couple of weeks to find out this time.

I would also like to commend the state of Florida, at least my little corner of it, for making such a visible effort to NOT repeat past mistakes. In my polling place, all the poll workers gave excellent and clear instructions. Instructions were also posted all around the room. There were election officials on hand to troubleshoot problems, like a voter's name not appearing on the list. I overheard them dealing with one such problem, and it was obvious they were going about it sensibly and fairly. And all over town I've seen the signs for the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline. I'm telling you (assuming my experience accurately represents what's happening in the rest of the state), if there are any election problems this year, they won't be in Florida.

Grace and peace (especially as the numbers roll in).


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