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Because teachers love to give quizzes...

How well do you know me? Take my Quiz! I hope I didn't make it too difficult. *evil smirk*

I would just like to say that--despite nothing going according to my lesson plan--I really enjoyed my ESL class tonight. I just love teaching. I know I've made the right decision this time.

Thank you, Lord, for Your guidance. Amen.


I almost forgot! I wanted to be sure and remind everyone that today is World AIDS Day.
Support World AIDS Day

Also, my one year LJ anniversary came and went on November 29th.

ETA 2:

If you are getting truncated response choices on the quiz, the complete wording to each of the longer response choices is below the cut.

Question 2:
C: I spelled it like that one day on a whim and a cute guy said he liked it.
D: I wanted to spell my name like the soap opera actress Joie Lenz.

Question 5:
B: I'm a free speech absolutist, especially when it comes to free speech and freedom of religion.
C: Though I might see the need for a rare exception, in general I support the consistent life ethic.
D: I believe the government should define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Question 9:
A: Apparently learned how to hold an election somewhere between 2000 and now.
C: Calls hills no larger than speed bumps names like "Mount Dora."

Is that better now, all you crazy Mac users? :P


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