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Fan art recs

There was a Harry Potter fanart site rec'ed in the Good Ship thread at SCUSA, and I found some artwork there that I really enjoyed, so I thought I would share.

Here is the main fanart page.

And now for my favorites...

Shippy (R/Hr):

Harry receives a letter from Hermione that...ah...reveals the focus of her attention. I've come across this piece somewhere before, but I don't remember where. It's still just as cute.

The reconciliation hug from PoA.

Ron taking care of Hermione after she gets hit with the Densaugo curse.

Snape coming up behind R/Hr while Hermione blushes and Ron pounds that pestle into the table. I noticed this was a popular answer for the question on the Good Ship thread of which R/Hr scene we'd like to see in the GoF movie, but don't think will make the cut.

The PQK!

A cute R/Hr moment that hasn't happened in canon...yet. ;) Kinda fits my hypothesis about how we'll see mild physical affection between R/Hr without any eavesdropping devices.

And the non-shippy pics:

Bill and Charlie lovin' on their li'l sis.

The Gryffs celebrate their victory in the Quidditch Final in PoA. Love McGonagall strangling Lee in the corner.

Harry and Remus say goodbye at the end of PoA.

Echoes of James and Lily help Harry at the end of GoF. *sniff* I thought this one was quite beautiful.

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