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Harry Potter meme

Another HP meme, gacked from mars_is_bright, whose ship answers are almost the exact opposite of mine. ;)

Yet Another Harry Potter Meme
What's your One, True Pairing (OTP)?OBHWF (R/Hr + H/G). It's got to be both!
What's your secondary pairing?I like Neville/Luna and Remus/Hestia Jones. Obviously, those are both fanon ships.
What common fandom ship makes you gag?Harry/Hermione
What common fandom ship makes you laugh, because it's so ridiculous?Harry/Hermione
What ship(s) do you consider canon?Ron/Hermione
What is the squickiest fandom ship you've seen?Dobby/Snape
If you could have JKR's ear, what ship would you:
Beg her for?Harry/Ginny
Beg her not to use?Harry/Luna (I don't hate this ship--it's fine for fanon, I just really want H/G in canon.)
Expect her to throw you out for mentioning?Harry/Hermione
Canon questions
Could the Prophecy refer to Neville after all?Not anymore, though I think the fact that it could have will still be important somehow.
Could it refer to Ginny? (We don't know when her birthday is)No! It so obviously is talking about a male, for one thing. Which means it also can't be Hermione. *rolls eyes*
Will Sirius return from the veil?No, but I think Harry will see him again in some form.
Who's the Half-Blood Prince?I kinda like Mars's idea that it might be Snape. But I'm gonna go with Godric Gryffindor or some other historical figure.
Which major character will be the next to die?My bet's on Dumbledore in HBP and Hagrid in Book 7.
Which character you adore are you afraid will die?Remus
Which annoying character do you hope will die?Well, I certainly don't wish death on any of the good guys. Harry needs all the allies and friends he can get. So maybe...Lucius Malfoy.



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