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Lost riddle

Here's another HP "Who Am I?" riddle that I don't think I've posted before:

I can give back what you give me,
But say the word and I’ll give more.
I once gave words of friendship,
And distraction from odious chores.

If you had only asked me,
I could have shown you the truth;
It would have saved you from your grief,
And saved me from my ruin.

I'm off to teach my ESOL class in a little bit. Last night I had nine students, which is a pretty big turn-out for the class. I feel a bit less nervous about tonight (more students, up to a certain point, are easier to teach in many ways.) You know, it's funny. I know that teaching is a good thing for me, and I would say that I "enjoy" it. But I do tend to always dread my upcoming class. But then, at the end of class, I always feel so good (well, almost always), and it's not because it's over with, but because I feel like I've accomplished something. Does that make any sense?

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