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This is a test

Please ignore this entry.

ETA: You guys crack me up. :D

Okay, now instead of deleting it, I'll make this a real entry.

*sigh* Last night, just after LJ went back online, I wrote an update--a pretty substantial one, with some RL stuff, the answer to my last riddle, and some hints for the movie quotes that still haven't been guessed. I posted it. It said “Update successful.” I clicked on “View entry.” And I got the nasty LJ status message. So without thinking, I closed the window—because, hey! My entry had been posted, right? It just wasn’t letting me look at it by that route. And I clicked on “Recent entries” in another window. And…oops. My entry is gone. It’s nowhere. It doesn’t show up on my flist, or my friends’ flists, or my calendar. It’s just gone. And I couldn't even hit the back button to see if I could get it back that way, because I had closed the window. So I went to the LJ status page, and apparently just as I had been posting my entry, they had been taking down the server my journal is on for "more checking"; they said recent entries might be missing, but we should be able to recover them with their recovery tool. Anyway, now it looks like the server is back online, and I am able to post updates (that was what the test was for), but...the entry is still gone. And I can't find any information now about how to attempt to recover lost entries--though I don't have much hope of being able to recover it since it was apparently posted right as they were taking the server down. Well, I put in a request for help at the support page anyway, just in case. I'll wait to see how that pans out before I try to reconstruct the entry.


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