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iTunes meme

Gacked from nancyblackett

How many songs in total?

670 songs, 1.7 days, 3.39 GB

Sort by Song Title - first and last?

“_Final Fantasy TechnoMix” ~ Squaresoft; “Zeus’ Day Off” – Mike Torres

Sort by Artist - first and last? (omitting songs with no artist listed)

‘NSync ~ “It’s Christmas”; ZOEgirl ~ “With All of My Heart”

Sort by Time - first and last?

“A Bad Take” ~ Mike Torres (0:08); "Blind Frail (Hidden Track)" ~ Jars of Clay (27:17)

Sort by Album - first and last? (omitting songs with no album listed)

40 Acres ~ “There You Go” ~ Caedmon’s Call; Young Women’s Edition (musical theatre accompaniment tracks) ~ “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?”

Top Ten Played Songs:

1. “In This Life” ~ Chantal Kreviazuk (99) (Hee. Because it reminds me of H/G.)
2. “Cathedrals” ~ Jump Little Children (82) (I heart Lydian mode, and musings on spirituality/finding one’s way in life.)
3. “A Sorta Fairytale” ~ Tori Amos (82) (Duh.)
4. “Space Lion” ~ Cowboy Bebop (81) (solusfides gave me this one. It's purty and a little bit jazzy.)
5. “Accidentally In Love” ~ Counting Crows (78) (Reminds me of R/Hr. Oh, and Shrek/Fiona, of course.)
6. “Now We Are Free” ~ Gladiator Soundtrack (77) (Reminds me of The Journey of Desire.)
7. “Gypsy” ~ Fleetwood Mac (72) (I used to call this my theme song, I guess because I sometimes feel a bit gypsy-ish.)
8. “Songbird” ~ Fleetwood Mac (72) (Also reminds me of H/G.)
9. “The One” ~ Elton John (71) (Lydian mode again, and a good love song.)
10. “Playboy Mommy” ~ Tori Amos (67) (So beautiful and sad. I associate it a bit with being pro-life, even though it’s about miscarriage, not abortion, and Tori is probably actually pro-choice.)

Find "sex" - how many songs show up?

None. (Hmm…must remedy this. “Sexy” didn’t turn up anything, either.)

Find "death" - how many songs show up?

Three: “The Second Attack (Death of Gavroche)” and “Fantine’s Death” from Les Miz, and “Thuy’s Death/You Will Not Touch Him” from Miss Saigon.

“Dead” turns up two more: “Bury the Dead” by Wedding Party, and “The Emperor is Dead” from the Gladiator Soundtrack.

Find "love" - how many songs show up?

Twenty-nine: Including, “Say that You Love Me” by Fleetwood Mac, “Falling in Love” by Lisa Loeb, and “Love Song for a Savior” by Jars of Clay.


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