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Quick, somebody give me a round tuit!

Gacked from everyone…

Linguistic: 8
Logical-Mathematical: 6
Spatial: 5
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 4
Musical: 11
Interpersonal: 5
Intrapersonal: 10


Musical - the ability to understand and develop musical technique, to respond emotionally to music and to work together to use music to meet the needs of others, to interpret musical forms and ideas, and to create imaginative and expressive performances and compositions. Possible vocations that use the musical intelligence include technician, music teacher, instrument maker, choral, band, and orchestral performer or conductor, music critic, aficionado, music collector, composer, conductor, and individual or small group performer.

Intrapersonal - the ability to assess one's own strengths, weaknesses, talents, and interests and use them to set goals, to understand oneself to be of service to others, to form and develop concepts and theories based on an examination of oneself, and to reflect on one's inner moods, intuitions, and temperament and to use them to create or express a personal view. Possible vocations that use the intrapersonal intelligence include planner, small business owner, psychologist, artist, religious leader, and writer.

Pretty much what I already thought, though I would have expected a bit higher Linguistic score (I think it should be about tied with the Intrapersonal and Musical scores).

I’ve got to quit staying up so late. I get caught in this vicious cycle where I stay up late, then end up sleeping the entire morning, and not getting anything done before I go to work at noon. Then I work until 8 or so in the evening, and come home too tired to accomplish anything, so I just veg out on the computer until 2AM. Than I end up sleeping the entire morning, and not getting anything done before work at noon…

You get the picture.

Consequently, my desk is piled with unopened mail, old “to do” lists that I need to check if I’ve, well, done them, W-2s and such, and other things I have to take care of at some point.

Plus there’s a post-it note stuck to the edge of my computer screen that says:
Get enough sleep
Eat right
Be disciplined about time
Be kind to others
Read Bible
Every day

I’ve only really managed to keep up with two of those items recently. Well, maybe three—I haven’t exactly been kind, but I think I’ve avoided being unkind for the most part. I’m of the opinion that kindness should be proactive as well as reactive though, so…yeah. Two and a half.


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