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My dad bought the 20th anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit, and we decided to play a round tonight. I actually managed to hold my own, probably because this edition features questions from news, entertainment, etc. from 1982-2001. This gives me much better chances against my fifty-something parents than I ever had with the old version.

The best part was when I was on the square to win a brown wedge (brown = the literature category) and my dad began reading the question thus: “Which school of Witchcraft—” at which point he stopped, groaned, and said, “Not fair!” You get just one guess what the answer to that question was.

My mom also won her brown wedge on a Harry Potter question. It was something about Quidditch, which I think really ought to have been in the orange (games and sports) category. ;)

All right, here’s a fun little list I came up with:

Five Ways to Unwind When the HP Ship Debate Has You Pulling Your Hair Out

5. Leave the Trio forum and try out the Scribbles from History of Magic Class forum instead. Activities range from wonderfully pointless quizzes like A Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz and the hysterically funny Whitch Ship R U? to pseudo-games like Survivor, It’s the End of the World, and The Minister of Magic Election to brain-teasers and riddles like Tribond and Guess the Ship. It’s just as pointless as arguing about hippogriff symbolism and semi-colon usage, but it’s much less stressful.

4. Go enjoy a good book or movie that features antagonistic lovers like Anne of Green Gables, Star Wars, Much Ado About Nothing, When Harry Met Sally, Look Who’s Talking, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, etc., and remember that insults like “Carrots,” “Nerf-herder,” and “Insensitive wart” really can be a prelude to true love.

3. Reread Arabella’s “Not as a Last Resort,” paying special attention to the kiss at the end, and remember that R/Hr is good, whether or not everyone else is able to see it.

2. Reread There Forbiddin Luv: Harry & Hermoine. Laugh hysterically until your parent, SO, or whoever you live with has to come in and ask if you are OK.

1. Turn off the computer. Get out your copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher's Stone—or the audiobook, if you prefer—and begin to read or listen. Proceed through the rest of the series. And when Hermione kisses Harry’s check or grabs Harry’s arm, smile and enjoy the nice display of friendship. And when Hermione shows particular sensitivity to Ron’s opinion of her, or Ron makes Hermione laugh, leave the post-it notes alone. This is not the time to gather evidence or formulate theses, but rather to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading (or hearing) a good story.

One more thing:


Cause U ppl cant like 1 w/o teh other! BTW UR RONG
and U suck at Parcheesi and youre feet smell
like oysters. Get a BRAIN, LOSER!!1 MK?

PARODY: Whitch HP Ship R U?
brought to you by Quizilla

hymnia, a loser and proud of it

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