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Moral-o-meter and my personal HP soundtrack

Gacked from chicagoamy; I thought it was a bit more interesting than the Seven Intelligences test.

Check out my Morality! 45% liberal, 55% conservative

If you want to take the test yourself, it’s here.


I know I am not the only person out there who hears songs on the radio and associates them with HP (or some other current obsession). Come on, admit it, you know you do!

Anyway, I won’t bore you all with the entire playlist of my personal Harry Potter soundtrack, but I thought I would mention one or two:

For the fandom ship wars: Dido’s “White Flag” (mainly just the chorus, though I’ve always thought that with new lyrics for the verses, it might make a good filk) – lyrics here.

For Ron and Hermione, and especially Hermione’s I’m-too-cool-for-you act with the perfume and such: Macy Gray’s “I Try” – lyrics here.


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