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The latest word from JKR

Neville and the prophecy (JKR's long and SPOILER-y answer to the FAQ poll question)

As for the prophecy itself, it remains ambiguous, not only to readers, but to my characters. Prophecies (think of Nostradamus!) are usually open to many different interpretations. That is both their strength and their weakness.

I love it. And why do I love it? Because it fits perfectly with my theory that Harry will mistakenly believe that the prohpecy means that he and LV will have to kill each other (i.e. That he will have to die in the process of destroying Voldemort).

Speaking of that, I am going to keep editing my list of HBP questions for the next few days, and then start posting predictions, but I wanted to catalogue here the predictions I've already made.

Does Harry Have to Die? Part I (my theory about Harry misinterpreting the prophecy)
Does Harry Have to Die? Part II (this is more for book 7 than HBP--why I think Harry will survive the series)

HBP: Ths ship sinker (what I think HBP will do with the major ships, both in the books and in the fandom)


Only two more months until July 16th!!!

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