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Another day, another meme

I'm leaving soon for Orlando to spend Memorial Day weekend with my family, but I think I have just enough time to post this.

I'd agree with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Lucas has exonerated himself with lean, mean and irresistible 'Episode III.'"

"The movie grabs us from its heart-pounding opening sequence and pulls us inexorably along its trajectory with the grip of the last gruesome act of a Greek tragedy. Its fascination is not what happens but how it happens."

"There's no doubt that this series finale is structurally tight, dramatically taut and deliciously dark."

"In sum, 'Revenge of the Sith' is darn good, easily the best of the prequels, and perhaps even a rival to "The Empire Strikes Back" as the apogee of the three-decade-long 'Star Wars' saga. As such, it's going to create a big problem for Hollywood come Oscar time."

"Beyond all this, the real feat of 'Episode III' is that it bridges the prequels to the original trilogy in small, subtle ways -- such as using numerous musical references to the 1977 score."

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What Star Wars Episode III review would you agree with?

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