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The shipper's pledge

Gacked from delemtri and angua9, and slightly modified by me:

a. I will not claim that writing ships which I do not endorse would make JKR a bad or cheesy writer. My judgement of the quality of her writing will be based on other criteria than which ships she chooses to write.
b. I will not leave the fandom due to the outcome of the romantic subplots. If I am proven wrong, and I choose to leave for other reasons, I will at least remain long enough to concede.
c. If a competing ship sails in canon, I will congratulate those who had the foresight to ship it.
d. If I am proven wrong in my beliefs, I will blame MY OWN JUDGEMENT, and not the author or anyone else. I will acknowledge to all and sundry that I was wrong -- not only about the outcome but about my interpretations of many aspects of the story -- and I will try to use the experience to improve my interpretation and prediction skills.
e. I will reserve judgement on whether any particular subplot or development is good, bad, or enjoyable to me personally until after I have actually read it.

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