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Weekend update and slightly late felicitations

I spent the weekend in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, attending ladyfiredove's (Maryalice) wedding to David (aka NeoDave), and visiting with lots of old Stetson friends. It was really wonderful to see so many friends that I hadn't seen in a while (including Brian D., whom I hadn't seen in over four years) to catch up on where we are and what we are doing, to joke around and laugh a lot, to dance the night away, to eat good food (and totally blow my diet, but oh well), to see pictures of the Falls' (red-headed!) baby, to see Alyssa and Casey's (adorable!) little girl again, and to celebrate the start of Dave and Malli's marriage, of course. It was a GREAT weekend. I don't even have words to describe how much fun I had. Even most of the looooong car ride was pretty enjoyable, because I was carpooling with friends. :)

However, I did get very behind on the flist, and thus had to do a lot of skimming to catch up. :( And since I spent the evening catching up, it is now after midnight, and I have missed a very important day. I hope the two delightfully evil birthday ladies on my flist will forgive me.

Happy birthday, redwood7!!!

Happy birthday, seviet!!!

And also, I must wish a belated birthday (June 17th) to one more evil R/Hr shipper. In addition to loving R/Hr, she shows a most wicked delight in another fictional bickering pair which, although it is abbreviated H/L, is NOT Harry/Luna:

Happy birthday, thewhiteowl!!!

And, to my own DOL (dear old dad), who most recently joined the land of LJ as garybeary, as well as to all the other dads on my flist, I will wish a (slightly belated)...

Happy Father's Day!!!

Finally, today (or yesterday, rather) would have been my late grandfather Brannan's birthday, as well. *hums a hymn about heaven that he liked*

That is all. Good night.

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