Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Holiday post and Harry Potter question

For those on my flist who are observing the holiday:

Happy Independence Day!!!

So I was rereading GoF, and I noticed something. In chapter 1, Voldemort and Wormtail have already killed Bertha Jorkins, and they are talking about the plot to kill Harry and use him for the resurrection spell. But Voldemort mentions that one more murder will be necessary before the path to Harry is clear. Who was he talking about? We know that they murder Frank Bryce, Mr. Crouch, and Cedric before they finally get Harry, but it seems that none of those were really planned. Well, Barty Jr probably intended to kill his father, but he didn't do it in order to clear a path to Harry, really, did he? As for Mad-Eye Moody, it seems they wouldn't have intended to kill him until after they had Harry, either, since they needed him for the polyjuice potion. So who else were they planning to kill?

Tags: holidays, hp canon discussion

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