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GBP, except not really "gratuitous", because there's other stuff here

To the original ORX:

Happy belated birthday, firoza!!!

I have a good excuse for my lateness: Hurricane Dennis ate my internet connection. I'm getting my fix at a friend's house right now. Comcast has NO IDEA when our connection will be working again. *cries* Of all weeks to have internet issues. So anyway, if you are missing my online presence, you'll know why.

I hope the OCers are enjoying the 50th thread. I may not get a chance to post on it, but I enjoyed reading the scavenger hunt answers that I had seen before I lost my connection. I probably won't get around to posting scores until after HBP comes out, but since we are all likely to have other things on our minds soon anyway (new canon!!!), I hope that can be overlooked.

I also still owe my HBP predictions. I will get them up before the book comes out. Um, tomorrow night, I hope. *prays for Comcast to get their act together*

One more announcement: I have decided to place myself firmly in the spoiler virgin category for HBP. When, a few days ago, the truly spoilery spoilers started to surface, I made up my mind that since there are so few days to go, I might as well save myself for the real thing. I did see some of the very light spoilers from the likes of Jim Dale and Arthur Levine that we got previously, but otherwise, I am pure, and intend to remain pure. I ask my friends list to to do what you can reasonbly be expected to do to help me in that endeavor. Thanks. :)

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