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HBP predictions

Finally! The List of DOOM. Yes, it’s time for my HBP predictions. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath! ;)

1. Summer

-What will cause Harry to leave the Dursleys’ early?
Possibly a Bill/Fleur wedding. Or maybe, an invitation from Fred and George.
-Where will he go for the rest of the summer?
I like the theory that he will go to London to help out in F & G’s joke shop.
-What will become of 12GP and Sirius’s estate?
I think it will slip through the Order’s fingers somehow. Maybe Narcissa will snag it.
-Who will Harry spend time with this summer?
The Weasleys, Hermione, and possibly Luna.
-What will he do this summer, or what will happen to him?
I think he’ll have a fairly relaxing summer this time. He’ll be recovering from the events of last year, using the medicines of laughter and friendship. The summer will be a real break for Harry. But it won’t last, of course.
-How will he celebrate his birthday?
I think he’ll finally get a party with his friends this year.

2. OWL results and sixth year courses

-How did Harry and each of his friends in his year fare?
Hermione: I expect no surprises: she’ll do well in everything, most likely with straight O’s.
Ron: He’ll do well, perhaps better than Hermione some of his friends and family will expect.
Harry: He’ll do well, except in Astronomy and History of Magic. I think he’ll still pass Astronomy, though, but barely. An O in DADA, of course.
-What courses will they each be taking now?
Hermione will continue all of her classes, I think. I expect both Ron and Harry to follow the Auror-prep track. But…I do have some doubt as to whether Ron will be able to. Darn it, I want all three of them in Advanced Potions! Um, but I’m not 100% sure Ron will be. Harry will get in, though.
-Did Harry score a high enough Potions OWL? Did Ron?
No, and yes. At least, that’s the only way I can see for both to be in the class if Snape is teaching it. However, I like the theory that Snape will finally get to teach DADA and someone else will teach Potions this year. If that’s the case, I’d say both of them would get in the class with E’s.
-Will McGonagall have to intervene for Harry?
Possibly, if Snape is still teaching Potions.
-Will either Harry or Ron stick with Divination?
Ron may stick with Divination. Harry won’t.
-What will happen with Firenze and Prof. Trelawney?
I agree with those who are suggesting there will be two different classes of Divination, one taught by each.
-Who will be the new DADA teacher?
Either Snape or a new character.
-Will there be any other changes to the staff?
-What new subject matter might they cover?
Human transfiguration, and possibly apparation.

3. Voldemort and the Death Eaters

-What will LV’s next move be?
He’ll start doing what Harry feared last book: random Muggle killings, trying to force people to the dark side, openly using the Unforgivables, etc. I think he will be mainly behind the scenes, though, and I think it’s possible this will be another book (along with PoA) in which Harry faces some other antagonist at the end instead of LV.
-How will people react now that the truth about LV’s return is known?
They’ll be angry with the DP and the MoM for hushing it up. They’ll be afraid, which will lead to the rise of some Barty Crouch Sr. types.
-What role will Wormtail play? Will his life debt to Harry come into play in this book?
Wormtail will be important in this book, but the life debt may wait until the next.
-What role will Bellatrix play?
I think she’s going to have a part in Neville’s maturing process, but this might not come until later.
-What will become of Lucius and the other imprisoned DE’s?
They’ll get their “Get Out of Jail Free” card.
-Where does the scene with the Dark Mark (shown on the US ed. cover) take place, and why is the Mark being displayed?
*shivers* Well, now that we’ve seen more of the cover, I’m sure it’s Hogwarts. And I think it means the worst. Who the victim is, however, I can’t say for sure. I think Albus is going to get it in this book, but I’m sure the cover art takes place too early to depict his death. So I think it must be someone else.
-Will we learn more about what happened Oct. 31, 1981?
-Will we learn more about the connection between Harry and LV?
Yes, but maybe not until Book 7.

4. Harry

-How will Harry deal with his emotions about Sirius’s death and the prophecy?
Laughter. Friends. I think there may be one sort of mourning-for-Sirius scene in this book in which Harry has a brief talk with Lupin, and he will do a little bit of private brooding about the prophecy. But mostly, it will be kept low-key.
-Will Harry tell anyone about the prophecy yet, and if so, who? Who will he tell first?
Yes. He’ll tell Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. He may not tell all of them in this book, though. I think he just might tell Neville first.
-Will Harry continue to have dreams/visions of LV, and if so, how will he deal with them?
Yes; he’ll apply himself to learning Occlumency.
-Will he continue Occlumency lessons?
Yes, but with Dumbledore this time.
-Will Harry learn anything more about his parents or his past in this book? Will he find out how his parents got together?
I don’t think he’ll learn much about them in this one.

5. Romance

-Will Harry notice another girl in a more-than-friendly way?
Yes, I think he’s going to start crushing on Ginny a bit.
-Will another girl show interest in him?
Maybe, but not Ginny.
-Will he get another kiss in this book?
I doubt it. More likely not until Book 7.
-Will Ginny date Dean Thomas? Will she date someone else?
Yes, she’ll date Dean for a little while. I don’t think she’ll date anyone else in this book.
-Will Ron make a move on Hermione, and if so, how will she react (or vice versa)?
I think he will. I think…I’m torn on this, because I think there’s a possibility of Hermione pulling an Anne of Green Gables, but at the moment I’m leaning away from that theory. I think she’ll react favorably. I still think there’s a possibility of Luna causing complications before we get to that point, though.
-Will Ron and Hermione become a couple?
-Will Ron and Hermione kiss, and if so, will Harry see it?
Yes, a small one, and yes, it will be in front of Harry.
-How will Harry react to whatever happens between Ron and Hermione?
He won’t really pay that much attention to it, but I think he’ll be slightly relieved to see that “tension” resolved.
-Will there be another formal event?
There may be a wedding (Bill/Fleur).
-Will anything further develop between Bill and Fleur? What about Hagrid and Mme. Maxime?
I think Bill and Fleur might get married. Or if not, they’ll continue to be an item in the background. I’m not sure about Hagrid/Maxime.
-What do Hermione and Krum write about? Has she visited him, or will she?
I think they write about ordinary things. I don’t think she has or will visit him, but he will eventually visit her—probably not until Book 7.

6. Quidditch

-Who will be the new Captain?
Urgh. I’m so torn on this. I’ll go with…Ron. But I’m really ambivalent about this one.
-Who will be the new Beaters?
Dean and Seamus, maybe?
-Will Harry return as Seeker?
-Will Ron return as Keeper?
-Will Ginny be a new Chaser?
-Who else will be on the team?
Possibly Dean and/or Seamus.
-How much of a role will it have in the story?
Not much. I think this will be another book (along with CoS and GoF) in which the Quidditch Cup competition is not completed.

7. Dumbledore

-What is going on in the scenes depicted on the different covers we’ve seen so far?
I think we’re looking at different parts of the story’s climax on the Scholastic, the Deluxe, and the Bloomsbury Children’s covers, in which Dumbledore takes Harry on some kind of quest.
-How does Dumbledore mend his relationship with Harry?
By opening up to him more, and by treating him like an adult.
-Will he take over giving Harry Occlumency lessons?
-Will he die in this book?
Yes, he will be killed during the final scenes.

8. The Half-Blood Prince

-Who is he and what is his significance?
I think he is either Dumbledore or Gryffindor. I don’t know what his role will be.

9. Sirius, the veil, and death

-Will Harry see Sirius in some form in this book?
No, not until Book 7.
-Will he attempt to journey behind the veil?
Not until Book 7.
-Will he repair and use the mirror?
I think he will.
-Will anyone else die in this book?
I think at least two people will die: Dumbledore, and one other person at Hogwarts.
-Will we find out anything more about the Hogwarts ghosts or ghosts in general?
Not until Book 7. (Notice a pattern? ;) )

10. Other characters

-What will happen with Percy?
I think he’ll make up with his family in this book.
-What role will Grawp have in the story?
He’ll help the good guys, but his role won’t be that big.
-Will we find out more about Neville's past? What?
Maybe. I’m not expecting any big revelations.
-Will we find out more about Snape's past? What?
Yes, but probably not until Book 7.
-Will we find out if there is a particular reason that Snape hates Neville so much?
I don’t think there is a special reason.
-Will we find out more about Hagrid's past? What?
Yes, but not until Book 7.
-Will the Trio become a Sextet?
To some degree. I think it will be more of a Quintet (the five Gryffs), but Luna will be included sometimes, too, as will some other DA members.
-What role will Luna play?
She will provide some guidance to Harry as a sort of mystic, though this may not really come into play until Book 7. In this book, I think she’ll mostly provide comic relief, and a bit of an obstacle to R/Hr.
-What will Rita Skeeter do next?
I think she’ll go back to writing, but she’ll be a bit more cautious about it now.
-What will happen to Fudge and the MoM?
Fudge will be disgraced, and a new Minister will be elected. The MoM still won’t be much help to Harry and Dumbledore, but now at least they won’t be much hindrance, either.
-What will happen to Draco, and what is “Draco’s Detour” about?
I’m not sure. I think that chapter probably has something to do with Draco’s father. I’m also curious how Draco will interact with Theodore Nott, if my predictions about him are right.
-Who or what is Felix Felices?
I like the theory that it’s the Potter family motto.
-Who is the lion-like man described in the excerpt that was released earlier?
Godric Gryffindor.
-Will we see more of Theodore Nott and/or Blaise Zabini? Will there be a “good” Slytherin among Harry’s cohort?
Yes, I think we’ll meet both of them. And yes, I think Nott will be a sort of “good” Slytherin.
-What will become of Professor Umbridge?
Some humorous bit of poetic justice. We won’t see much more of her.
-Will we learn more about Ginny’s possession in CoS?
Yes, but maybe not until Book 7.
-Does Ginny owe Harry a life debt? If so, what will become of it?
Hmm…I think yes. But I’m not sure how it will play out.
-Will Ron say Voldemort’s name? Will Harry’s other friends say it?
Yes, I think all the Quintet will be able to say it by the end of the book.
-Does Grindelwald have any significance in the story?
I don’t think so.

11. Other subplots and loose ends

-What will happen with SPEW and the House Elves?
Hermione will continue to pursue the issue zealously, but she'll run up against some sort of roadblock that will be very discouraging to her. Eventually, she'll reach a compromise with Ron, and they will work on the issue together. The Elves will end up being valuable allies in the war.
-What will happen with the Centaurs? Will any of them take sides in the war like Firenze?
Maybe a few will join sides, but not many.
-What role will the Goblins and other magical creatures play?
I think some of them will take sides, but their role will be small.
-Will Hermione learn to apparate after her birthday? Will Ron?
I don’t think they’ll learn until summer, in which case we won’t hear about it until Book 7.
-Will Harry go into the Forbidden Forest this year, and if so, will he see Aragog or the Ford Anglia?
Maybe. But I’m of the opinion that the cover art that people have been saying is in the FF is probably somewhere else.
-What is Spinner’s End?
A place that Harry will go to over the summer.
-How will the matter of inter-house relations be addressed?
I think the DA members will continue to help Harry in small ways, and that Theodore Nott will play a role in bridging the gap to Slytherin House.
-Will we find out more about Hogwarts's past (the Founders)? What? Will we learn more about the fall-out between GG and SS?
Yes, we will learn more, but I’m not sure what.
-Will we learn the identity of the eavesdropper who heard the beginning of the prophecy?
-Will we see the Chamber of Secrets again?
Maybe, but perhaps not until Book 7.
-What other old characters, creatures, spells, concepts, etc will we see again?
The Imperius Curse will play a role in either HBP or Book 7.


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